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I love to crochet, and my biggest passion is baby booties! Here is one pattern I would like to share with you!

This is the pattern for Lavander Baby booties!
Now it is also available as free download on Ravelry in pdf format!

It is very easy and quickly to make these booties. I offer you two versions of one pattern. You can make them striped or just in one colour. I made marks in the pattern where you should change yarn to make them striped as you can see on the photo.

0-6 months, app. 10 cm foot lenght.

· 25 gr of 100% cotton yarn in one colour (I used Phildar 100 % cotton yarn “Detente” Lavande) , or 20 gr of cotton yarn in basic colour and 10 gr in another colour.
· crochet hook Nr.3 (should be the same as size “D”) or size needed to obtain gauge.
· two ribbons (each 50 cm long)

4 sts = 2 cm or 5 sts = 1 inch

Stitches used:
st(s) – stitch(es)
ch – chain stitch
hdc – half double crochet
sc – single crochet
sl st – slip stitch

Rnd 1: Begin with main colour yarn.
Ch2, join with sl st in first ch.

Rnd 2:
Ch1, hdc 9, join with sl st in ch-1

Rnd 3: If you make striped booties now change the yarn and change it in every rnd without cutting threads.
Ch1, hdc 2 in each st around the work (all together must be 20 hdc) , join with sl st in ch-1 space (always join in ch-1 space)
Rnd 4:
Ch1, *skip next st, hdc 1, ch 1, hdc 1 in the same st as first hdc*, repeat from * 9 times, join with sl st in ch-1

Rnd 5:
Ch1, *(hdc 1, ch 1, hdc 1) in ch-1 space*, repeat from * 9 times, join with sl st in ch-1

Rnds 6 – 11: make as rnd 5

Row 12: If you are making striped booties from now you should use only main colour yarn.
Ch1, *(hdc 1, ch1, hdc 1) in ch-1 space*, repeat from * 7 times, turn work

Rows 13 – 17: make as row 12

Turn bootie inside out. Put together both sides of heel and using sl st connect them. Work in all four loops.
Fasten off.

To make bootie’s edge you should begin in the middle of the heel.
Rnd 1:
Ch1, work evenly sc around the bootie (should be around 28 sc, can be less, but try not to make more), join with sl st in first sc.

Rnd 2:
Ch2, skip next st, hdc 1, *ch 1, skip next st, hdc 1*, repeat from * around the bootie, join with sl st in ch-2. These will be holes for ribbons.

Rnd 3:
Ch 1, sc in each st around the bootie, join with sl st in first st.

Rnd 4:
*Ch3, skip next st, sl st* , repeat from * around the bootie.

Rnd 5:
In ch-3 loop work *hdc 3, ch 3, hdc 3, sl st in sl st of previous rnd (watch photo)*, repeat in all ch-3 loops you have.

Fasten off!
Second bootie make equal!
And here they are!

More patterns you can find in my Etsy shop!

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