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Vita Apala

Hello! I am a designer behind Mon Petit Violon brand. In this little space of mine I share unique, beautiful and inspiring projects and patterns. I am an author and recently my first book "Super Cute crochet for Little Feet" was released in UK, Germany, France, Estonia an other countries! US version is coming out in March. I was born in Riga, Latvia, but currently living in Italy with my husband and our two kids. I truly believe that crochet (and other crafts as well) make the world a better place!

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  1. Hi, I've been attempting to do your baby moccasins that I found on Ravelry, but I am a little confused when it comes to the “Upper” part. Where you say, “10 hdc, 2 hdc with on
    top, 7 hdc, 2 hdc with on top, 12 hdc, 2 hdc
    with on top, 7 hdc, 2 hdc with on top, 2 hdc,
    join with sl st in 1st hdc”, what do you mean by hdc with on top. I've googled it and others seem a bit confused at that point as well. Help please! I would really like to make these for my babygirl, due any day now. Lol. Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    You should simply have a look at the first page of the pattern! There are “special stitches” and I explain with photos how to make this stitch.

  3. Hi!!!
    I just downloaded your simple baby booties. I have acryl(ick) yarn, which is 4 worsted….
    Which hook do you think I should use? This is for a 2 month old baby……
    Thank you so much!
    Ericka in IL

  4. Ericka, you should check the gauge. I would suggest to use as small as possible crochet hook, otherwise they will turn out too big.

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