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Crochet tips – hdc around previous hdc!

August 24, 2012

I love this stitch and use it quite often. It is such a simple way to get interesting texture and different look of usual crochet stitches. But I know that quite many of you had a problem to make it. So here we go!

First make one hdc…

…yarn over and insert hook in the space behind the previous hdc…

…yarn over and pull it through…

…yarn over and pull it through all three loops you have on hook.

That’s all! Isn’t it simple?! Only don’t forget to skip one stitch when you start next two hdc.

Here are some my patterns where I used this stitch:

  1. For the stitch you use on the yoke for Sophie’s cardigan, it looks like you’re making a half double crochet alone at the beginning of the row and then in the second stitch you begin the special half double crochet stitch that this tutorial illustrates. Am I getting that right?

    1. Hello,

      I was starting with the first hdc, it means I worked next hdc around the first hdc as written in the pattern.
      Hope this helps.

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