How and why I published a book?

How and why I published a book?featured


As you probably already know, I wrote a book! Yes, a real, printed on a beautiful paper with that amazing fresh print smell, book! (You can read more about where and in which languages it is available here). Since I announced it, some of you asked me – why and how I did it. I thought that instead of answering to everyone individually I’ll better write about it here.

So, let’s start with “why”. Why someone does write a book? For status, for money, for having your name out there… there can be many reasons. Well, for me it was much more like realizing my dream. When I wrote my first pattern ever I though that it would be actually very nice to write a book one day. I was pretty far from it at that moment, but couldn’t stop thinking about it anyway. And looking at new crochet books out there I always thought that one day in that list should be my book too. Besides, I am an absolute book lover.  Bookshop is my happy place. And even if that sounds a bit strange – I adore the smell of new books. Yes, book starts for me with fresh print smell. So, there were pretty many reasons why I wanted my own book. I wanted to belong to that magical world of authors, to be able to show one day to my kids (or even grandchildren), what I actually did. All things virtual are great but they are a bit like sand in your hands – in one moment it is here, in another – it is gone. The book is different. It is something what remains. And it was important for me.

But as you may know, having a dream is not enough. What did I do to make it true? Well, there is a little story behind this book.

Every year I  write my resolutions and goals for new year.  Written word has magical power! I am sure about that. And so I wrote it down as a goal. There is another rule – when you really want something to happen – speak about it with others! You don’t know where from the help can come and who could be interested in your idea, in your dream. Sometimes we do the opposite. We keep in secret our dreams fearing that if we speak about them too early they will not happen. That’s not really true. Do you remember my interview in Inside Crochet magazine a couple of years ago? When Claire (Claire Montgomerie – editor of Inside Crochet magazine) asked me about my dream, my answer was – to write a book.

So, this was the first step I did – I wrote down my dream and I let others know about it.

And guess what? Nothing happened! Not yet!

So, after some time I came to conclusion that it is not enough and I have to find a real way how to realize my dream. But I wasn’t sure where to start. I started to check which publishers could be interested in this kind of book, thought about the idea for a book and so on. While I was thinking what to do and how to start this new adventure, I got an email from one nice lady who actually did read my interview in Inside Crochet magazine and asked me if I still want to write a book. That lady worked for my future publisher. Together we worked on a book idea and presentation and the rest is history.

I don’t know if my story could help anyone, but probably it will inspire someone.

If you have a dream, don’t give up! Make small steps toward it and it will happen!


And to celebrate once more the book I have a very special treat for you – pattern for Snow Boots now is available for free! Download UK or US version here!

Happy crocheting!

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Hello! I am a designer behind Mon Petit Violon brand. In this little space of mine I share unique, beautiful and inspiring projects and patterns. I am an author and recently my first book "Super Cute crochet for Little Feet" was released in UK, Germany, France, Estonia an other countries! US version is coming out in March. I was born in Riga, Latvia, but currently living in Italy with my husband and our two kids. I truly believe that crochet (and other crafts as well) make the world a better place!

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