Crochet Tip – Double crochet Even Edge

Crochet Tip – Double crochet Even Edgefeatured


Some time ago I saw a few tutorials on how to get even edge when working double crochet. Some were simple, some – more complicated. Then I played around and came up with this version, which I love. It is really simple, it gives the great result and you don’t need to know any special technique or stitch to complete it. So, let’s start!

The most common way how we are used to work double crochet is to count turning chain as a first dc. You work ch3, you skip first dc, because ch3 is counting as first dc and then in the next row you work the last dc in top ch of ch-3. Unfortunately, the result we get in this way is not perfect.
In this way we get those small holes along the edge which we all hate, right? It get’s even worse when we need to work the edging.
But here is the solution.
Row 1: any number of ch, dc in 4th ch from hook (ch3 counts as dc) and in each st to end, turn
Row 2: pull the working loop a little bit longer than you would normally do for ch (it doesn’t need to be at the height  of dc, just slightly longer than normal ch), ch1 (do not count it as a stitch), work dc in first st and in each next st to end, turn
Repeat Row 2 as many times as needed. Keep in mind, that you never count ch1 as a stitch, you always work first dc in first dc of previous row, and last dc you always work in last dc (not in ch1)
I hope you find it useful!

Happy crocheting!

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