New free crochet stitch pattern – easy and beautiful!

It is been awhile since new crochet stitch was published.
This is a great one! It looks so different and beautiful on both sides – right or wrong, so it is basically like having two stitch patterns! Which side do you prefer?
It will be great for scarves, clothing, blankets and so many other things, like bath accessories or dishcloths.
I hope you will love it!

Get the pattern here!




Vita Apala

Hello! I am a designer behind Mon Petit Violon brand. In this little space of mine I share unique, beautiful and inspiring projects and patterns. I am an author and recently my first book "Super Cute crochet for Little Feet" was released in UK, Germany, France, Estonia an other countries! US version is coming out in March. I was born in Riga, Latvia, but currently living in Italy with my husband and our two kids. I truly believe that crochet (and other crafts as well) make the world a better place!

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  1. Beautiful! I like both sides, really, but my favorite is the first photo…the tighter look. Very intricate, and very pretty. 🙂

  2. Stitch pattern is lovely. Looks like the Star Stitch, which I’ve been wanting to try.

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