Special Summer Offer!

June 18, 2016

Make sure the code is accepted. All sales are final.

Today I am deactivating all discount listings on Etsy until August 15! In case you want to use them you can still do it for a few hours. But instead of discount listings you will be able to use these coupon codes for bulk purchases in both shops – Etsy and Ravelry.

Buy 3 get 1 pattern for free with coupon code FREE1
Buy 5 get 2 patterns for free with coupon code FREE2
Buy 7 get 3 patterns for free with coupon code FREE3

It means to get one free pattern you have to add to your cart 4 patterns, enter the code FREE1, and one pattern will be free. Same works for 2 free patterns – add 7 patterns, enter the code FREE2 and 2 patterns will be free. To get 3 free patterns add to your cart 10 patterns.

On Etsy you have to add full priced patterns (4.99$), or add to your cart more patterns to achieve minimal amount, it will show up at the check out.

Make sure the code is accepted before submitting the payment! If you don’t use the code correctly I will not be able to refund the difference.

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