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New pattern – Halter Ruffle Dress

New pattern – Halter Ruffle Dressfeatured

As you probably already noticed last week I released new pattern – for Halter Ruffle Dress. It is a cute little dress for beautiful summer days! The pattern includes sizes up to 5 years and works up pretty quickly. I offer two ruffle options – small ruffle and long one. I couldn’t decide which one Read more

Sophie’s cardigan!

Sophie’s cardigan!featured

I just realized I didn’t post here about my newest pattern… 🙂 I made this cardigan last year but never could get back to it to write the pattern. I loved it and thought it was a pity to leave it like this. So, I decided that Sophie needs another cardigan (or even two!) and Read more


Another sewing project – Baby Coat!featured

I always knew if I ever have a baby girl I would make many, many cute things for her. It is much more difficult with boys. I love to make some things for my little boy, like sweaters, hats, gloves… but with girls it so much fun. And so, during the summer I tried my Read more


Cashwool Leg Warmersfeatured

So, here is my newest pattern – Cashwool Leg Warmers. I love to wear leg warmers, and hope my little girl will love them too. I used this yarn and I absolutely love it. It is so soft and so beautiful! I am going to make many other things for my little one with it. Read more



Did I ever mention I am a big fan of Zara?! Well, I am. I love their line for home and I love their clothes ! And since I have a baby girl I am just obsessed with all cute things they have for babies! Especially for girls! If you live in Europe Read more


Pee Wee Pilates…featured

image I bought this book while I was pregnant with my son. I enjoyed reading it and dreaming how I will make all these exercises together with my little boy. But when my boy arrived I was so overwhelmed with all new feelings and duties that I completely forgot about it. Besides I was in Read more


It is Monday…featured

You know, there was a time I hated Mondays… really! First day of the week at school, at work, it was always heavy… but since I am stay at home mom, and since my little boy is going to a day care center – I love Mondays! 😉 Really! I love when my boys (I Read more


Felted slippers…featured

I was asked many times to design felted slippers. So here they are! Very easy to make, principal is the same as for my Ballet Flats only different sizing. I explain in the pattern also how to felt them – I prefer handfelting as you can control the process very easily. Even if you never Read more


Sweaters for my sweetie…featured

My little girl is a big inspiration for me… I want to make so many things for her and I try do as much as possible… with two kids it is not easy but when everything is done the satisfaction is great! Here are my two newest creations: The Rose Baby Sweater and the Raglan Read more


My little girl’s debut…featured

First of all – thank you everyone for following this blog (I always feel guilty that I don’t dedicate enough time for it) and for your greetings about my previous post! 🙂 Since my girl was born my days are very busy here… but when I look in those big blue eyes I forget about Read more

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