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Newest patterns…

Newest patterns…featured

I can’t believe it is the last day of October already… Time is flying much faster than I would like. BUT… I am also very glad that Holiday season is getting closer and closer… Around this time of the year I am usually crocheting like crazy, there is a whirlwind of ideas in my head Read more

Buttoned Cowl

Buttoned Cowlfeatured

Here is another new pattern of this week. The cold weather arrived to us as well, and though I am a Summer lover, I really enjoy cold season… until Christmas! Yes, when Christmas is over, I want back Summer like… immediately. And I am not joking here! With cold season arrival I love to wrap Read more

New pattern – Lace Cowl!

New pattern – Lace Cowl!featured

Yesterday I released a pattern for this Lace cowl. I am so excited that Autumn is here and it means I can get out all my crochet scarves and cowls, and actually make many new ones. I think you can never have enough scarves, as with such little accessory you can transform, refresh and make Read more

Ruffle shawl…

Ruffle shawl…featured

Yesterday I released my newest pattern for a ruffle shawl. I really love it! I wanted to make one since I saw Kate Middleton’s shawl (you can just google it and you will see which one I mean). Mine turned out more delicate as I used FINE 2 yarn, but I am planning to make Read more

New patterns!

New patterns!featured

Just a quick note about my recently released patterns. The first one is for Solomon’s knot scarf. This scarf is made using solomon’s knot stitch but not in it’s traditional way. It works up so quickly and I am sure you will want to make more than one in different colors. The pattern is available Read more


Faux Fur Scarf!featured

Pattern – Faux Fur Scarf It is getting really cold here and my little girl needed some scarf. This one is really fun to make and the look is quite unusual. I think that many people will not realize it’s crocheted without closer look. 🙂 I modified usual way how to make crochet faux fur Read more


Infinity Scarf…featured

When I saw this yarn I just fell in love with it… I love this colour so much! But then for a while I couldn’t decide what to do with it! 🙂 At the end I made this scarf and just love it… Here is the pattern!


Ladies Hat Hoodiefeatured

Do you have problems choosing a hat which fits you well? If yes, then this is a right thing you should make for yourself. I always had and still have this problem. Hats just don’t fit me, maybe only berets… After I made a hat hoodie for my little one, and I had some requests Read more


Free Pattern at Pulling At Strings!featured

Mon Petit Violon designs has been featured on marvelous Pulling At Strings blog. Here you can read an interview. Here you can see amazing yarns from different artists. In Pulling At Strings shop you can find many interesting things: yarn, fiber, accessories and patterns. Some of my patterns are also available there. And there is Read more

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