Winter Garden Sweater, crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon
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Take your crochet skills to a next level with Winter Garden Sweater!

I hope you are doing well and you are ready for a new crochet project. You will love this one! Winter Garden Sweater is constructed in an unusual but at the same time very simple way. It has only side seams, looks very much like a knit and will push your creativity and crochet skills …

Mama Bear Hooded Cardigan - crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon,
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Mama Bear Hooded Cardigan is here!

Since I released my Bear Hooded Cardigan for kids I got really many requests to make same pattern for adults. It took me a few years to finally do it. And I couldn’t be happier with the result. The cardigan is really comfy and easy to wear. It is easy and pretty fast to make …

Pistachio Cardiga, crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon,
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New Pistachio Cardigan and only today – 30% discount!

Spring is approaching and it is a great time to update your little one’s wardrobe. I don’t know about you, but for me spring is the most productive period to crochet and knit. I am again inspired by the sun and good weather, but it is still fresh enough to enjoy working with the yarn. …

Crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon
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Crochet Baby Set – Wrap Jacket and Trousers and 30% off coupon code!

I think you will agree with me that making baby items is the most rewarding thing. It is quick, it usually turns out super cute, it doesn’t require a lot of materials and time, it’s forgiving (even some mistakes will not spoil it) and it is a great way to learn to make clothing items. …


New crochet patterns and 10$ gift certificate!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you had wonderful Christmas and now you are ready to meet new 2019 with big hopes, plans and goals! I wish it will be the great one! While our end of the year is not going as we would wish it (thanks to kids varicella or chickenpox), crochet always saves …

Kimono Style Cardigan - crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon
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Kimono Style Cardigan and giveaway (closed)!

I hope your holiday season started well and while I can’t wait for real holidays with no school and any other activities, just family time, travels and all cozy things, I still have a few projects to finish and share. First of all, here is my newest Kimono Style Cardigan. I can’t tell you how …

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Winter Garden Set – Beanie and Mittens

Holiday season is wonderful, but it can be stressful as well. I know many of you are rushing to finish their projects, gifts before Christmas and I am one of you. My mistake is that often I start really big projects ahead of a time (as I think) and then I realize I am not …


Black Friday SALE (50% off) and new patterns!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) and we all know what happens afterwards… yes, BLACK Friday! I know in Europe Black Fridays are very different from the ones in US, but it is becoming more and more popular here as well and I did spot some good deals today. 🙂 I …

Raindrops Sweater, crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon
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Raindrops Sweater pattern and 30% off for first 100 buyers!

There is a new sweater pattern just released, my friends! It is a pattern for Raindrops Sweater! Initially this sweater was designed with a fuzzy yarn, like Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk. Using fuzzy yarns, in crochet can be scary, but the result is so worth it. You get super cute finished item, light as a cloud, …

Cable Cardigan with Pleats, crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon

Crochet Cable Cardigan with Pleats – get your copy today!

If you follow my work for some time, you know that I love all things ruffle, peplum and pleats. Yes, I do. I still want to play with those details a lot, and here is a result. This Cable Cardigan with Pleats is a mix of vintage and modern. It drapes beautifully and will add …

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