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As promised here is a giveaway! It was a wonderful week and thank you every one who participated in MonPetitViolon’s birthday SALE (if you missed it – hurry on, still two days left!) ! Now you can win this beautiful yarn. I will choose two winners – one will receive the first set and second one – the second. It is all DK weight yarn (LIGHT 3). In the first set two skeins (green and light beige yarn) are 100% merino wool, but all the rest is merino wool and acrylic (or polyamide) blend yarn. Trust me – it is beautiful and it’s a pleasure to work with it!
So, all you need to do – write a comment below this post and next week  I will choose 2 winners! Good luck! 🙂



AboutVita Apala

Hello! I am a designer behind Mon Petit Violon brand. In this little space of mine I share unique, beautiful and inspiring projects and patterns. I am an author and recently my first book "Super Cute crochet for Little Feet" was released in UK, Germany, France, Estonia an other countries! US version is coming out in March. I was born in Riga, Latvia, but currently living in Italy with my husband and our two kids. I truly believe that crochet (and other crafts as well) make the world a better place!


  1. I've been following your blog for a while and this might be the moment to leave my first comment – the yarn look lovely, and you seem to have a really good feel for choosing and combining yarns that are perfect for crocheting. I would love either of these – the lovely springlike green combo, or the beautiful autumnal purples. 🙂

  2. What a great giveaway! You know, in Spain the tradition is to give other people gifts on your birthday… seems like Mon Petit Violon designs is celebrating its birthday the Spanish way! 🙂 Thank you for letting us participate!

  3. Beautiful colors! I would love to win! Thank you for the birthday sale, I bought 5 more of your patterns and can't wait to get started on new projects!

  4. Great colors! Actually, you're the one that told me about Ice yarns, and thats the only yarn I knit with now. I would love to get the ones in the photos, never had a chance to try these, they are discontinued. Thank for a giveaway!

  5. I always want to find yarn like what you've used in your patterns. And with as many as I have, I certainly would love to try out this yarn! Thank you, Vita!

  6. Thanks for this great chance! These are beautiful yarns. I could crochet something exciting for my baby boy,who is arriving around next Saturday (hopefully)! Greetings from Hungary! Szilvia

  7. Vita, when I stumbled across your etsy shop then quickly followed you on facebook & your blog spot, I just remembered feeling so inspired. I have many of your patterns & always think you explain things so beautifully. The yarns you have posted today look luscious. I'll be browsing the sale later on. Thanks for another great giveaway. Helen x

  8. I am not a robot, but I can begin one of your patterns and keep going and going, until I almost finish it. I'd be so happy to crochet with the yarn that you personally love to use. Happy Birthday Mon Petit Violon!!

  9. Wow, thank you Vita for sharing with us such a beautiful yarns…I just bought three of your patterns and can't wait to start crochet them (maybe with new yarns):)).

  10. The yarn looks beautiful! I have been buying your patterns for over a year now and would love to try a yarn you like. Keep up the great work!! 🙂

  11. love your blog, colors patterns, so inspiring. your stitches are so even! the colors you have chosen for this giveaway are great, and will fit right in with my christmas gift making. hope I win. Thank you in advance!

  12. You're very talented. I hope I win the giveaway. I'm going to shop your birthday sale now. I've always wanted to buy one of your designs. Birthday sale is the push I need.

  13. Wow, this is very generous of you to gift such beautiful yarns. Whoever wins will surely be very pleased 🙂
    p.s.thanks for sharing this, now I am confident to buy some of this brand, was always wondering which yarn u use, looks fantastic 😉

  14. Happy B-day Mon Petit Violon!! Thank you for the BIRTHDAY special – bought 3 &can't wait to start them! I've been one of your biggest fans for a while now, bought A LOT of your patterns & thank you for the lovely way you explain them. In South Africa we don't have crochet-inspiration, and you do that for me all the way from Italy… AWESOME!! & 1000 thank you's!! Kieka

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