Infinity Shawl - crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon

Crochet Infinity Shawl

Infinity Shawl - crochet pattern by Mon Petit ViolonI don’t know about you but I love shawls. I actually think that whenever you don’t know what to crochet – make a shawl! You can never go wrong with it, unless you absolutely hate them and never wear.

Shawls are great to make with hand dyed yarns or multi-color yarns. Let’s be honest – multi-color yarns don’t always look great in crochet garments. Often they look too busy, not neat and you can’t really see the pattern. I believe the multi-color yarns were created with knitting in mind and usually they do look much better in knits. However, crochet shawl is an exception. I do suggest to choose the yarn with long color changes and my recent discovery is Katia Infinity Shawl (100% merino) yarn. I am not sponsored by Katia, I simply share this because I really loved it. They have great colors, yarn is super soft and it is so fun to work with.

Inspired by this yarn I created my Infinity Shawl. I actually made two shawls – one with Katia’s yarn and another one with a local yarn I had for some time, in a solid color. Let me know which one you prefer! ๐Ÿ™‚

Pattern in available on Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy and LoveCrochet ! On Ravelry and Etsy you can use coupon code THANKYOU for 20% discount!

Happy crocheting!

Infinity Shawl - crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon Infinity Shawl - crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon Infinity Shawl - crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon


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