Hobbii yarn review and new crochet vest

Hobbii Diablo Multi, crochet vest by Mon Petit Violon

This A/W season I wanted to try some not so obvious yarns for crochet and create new textures. I was very excited when Hobbii offered me to try out any of their yarn and review it on my blog. It was a good chance to try out something new.

I am sure most of you know about Hobbii, but if, by any chance, you don’t, www.Hobbii.com is the one-stop shop for yarn lovers around the world! They are located in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark and have a variety of beautiful yarns in beautiful colors.

So, it was hard to choose but Diablo Multi won my heart. Color pallet is so beautiful, I can’t wait to try out some other colors. But let’s get in more details about this yarn and what I made out of it.

Diablo Multi is a lovely mohair blend (40% Acrylic, 30% Mohair, 30% Polyamide), very soft and airy with a fluffy texture. It’s a combination of five threads in different shades. The combinations are carefully matched to give the most beautiful color effects. Some have greater contrast than others, and will have a more distinctly variegated look.

I chose 01 shade and it’s so beautiful! In my opinion it will be perfect for basically any wardrobe. But if you are into brighter colors you will have a great choice too.

To work comfortably with this yarn you need to find the right size crochet hook. For me it was 4mm (I crochet quite loose), but for you it might be different. I found that smaller crochet hook was splitting the yarn too much, but with a larger one I couldn’t really control the stitches and my tension.

As I always suggest in my patterns – first check the gauge. I did that and made a small sample with the pattern I was going to use for my new garment. When checking the gauge it’s important to wash and dry your sample. This way you can see if the yarn shrinks or stretches out, how it looks after a wash and so on. It will save you a lot of time and eventual disappointment. As you can see my sample didn’t change much, which is good. It probably got a bit fluffier and I like it.

My first idea for this yarn was to make something for kids, but it was so gorgeous that I decided to make something for myself instead, something that I could wear and enjoy. As I live in Italy and our winters are very mild, I don’t have many occasions to wear really warm sweaters and I find that vests are much more versatile and comfortable. I have some knit ones and wanted a crochet one too.

The vest is worked bottom up, almost seamless, there are just small seams to make to join the shoulders and the front neck edging. I will be sharing the final look on my Instagram later. You are welcome to subscribe!

My final thoughts on Hobbii Diablo yarn are following:

  • It’s a lovely yarn and I would certainly use it again
  • It unravels quite easily; that’s my biggest concern when using mohair yarns for crochet
  • it’s very soft when it’s in a ball, but once you try on the actual garment it’s very slightly itchy, as it has those long mohair hairs that pop out of the fabric; it gets better once washed. I am not very bothered by it, I love wearing mohair and when it’s worn over a shirt it’s totally ok

Check out Diablo yarn and it’s beautiful color pallet here!

While working on this project it was great to use Hobbii project bag. Perfect to carry around your project!

Vita Apala

Hello! I am a designer behind Mon Petit Violon brand. In this little space of mine I share unique, beautiful and inspiring projects and patterns. I am an author and recently my first book "Super Cute crochet for Little Feet" was released in UK, Germany, France, Estonia an other countries! US version is coming out in March. I was born in Riga, Latvia, but currently living in Italy with my husband and our two kids. I truly believe that crochet (and other crafts as well) make the world a better place!

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