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Video tutorial - even front edging
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Video tutorial – neat and even crochet edge for a cardigan!

While I was working on my crochet Tiered Jacket pattern, I made a short video tutorial about the edging I made for it. It is an easy technique and you can use it for any cardigan, not only for this particular one. I hope it will be useful for you! One of my this year …

crochet tips

Crochet tip – how to change colors

One of the very common questions I get is about color change in crochet. For some patterns and garments it is not very important, for others – extremely important. Today I will show you how to correctly change color in the middle of the row. This will work well if you are working in rounds …

crochet tips

Crochet Tip – Double crochet Even Edge

Some time ago I saw a few tutorials on how to get even edge when working double crochet. Some were simple, some – more complicated. Then I played around and came up with this version, which I love. It is really simple, it gives the great result and you don’t need to know any special technique …

crochet tips dress extended single crochet

Crochet tips – extended single crochet (esc)

Have you ever tried it? I am sure when you try you get addicted! 🙂 With extended single crochet you get very unique texture. It looks almost as knitted and is not-see-through. It works faster than normal single crochet and it is so easy to work it. Ok, so let’s start! Work chain and start …

crochet tips hdc stitch

Crochet tips – hdc around previous hdc!

I love this stitch and use it quite often. It is such a simple way to get interesting texture and different look of usual crochet stitches. But I know that quite many of you had a problem to make it. So here we go! First make one hdc… …yarn over and insert hook in the …

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Crochet tips: front post and back post double crochet

So, finally here is another “crochet tip” post and it is about front and back post double crochet stitches. I am sure that many of you are familiar with them and this is nothing new. But I also know that there are many less experienced crocheters around who are quite scared when they see these …

crochet tips joint line

Crochet tips: the best way to join when crocheting in the round

Finally here is the second “crochet tips” post. 🙂 I am too slow, I know. So, what is the best way to join when crocheting in rounds? * It is very important to join always in the same stitch. For example, if you are working rounds of sc (single crochet) the best way is to …

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Crochet tips: work in front or back loop only

I think this is the most common question I receive: what does it mean to work only in back loop (or front loop)?  On the top of each stitch there are two loops and normally we work in both of them. If the pattern calls for working only in one loop it means: the loop …

crochet tips

Crochet tips!

I am starting a new series of blog posts about crochet tips. Very often I receive many different questions – what does this crochet term mean? or how better to do this or that? I decided it would be much better if I would answer your questions here, and in this way also other people …

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