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New pattern – Ladies Loafers!

Last week I released new pattern for ladies slippers โ€“ loafers! It happens very often that while working on one design I have several versions of it. Same thing happened with ladies slippers. First version was for cable slippers! I personally love them! But I know that many crocheters (especially beginners) donโ€™t like cables. And …

loafers pattern

Baby Loafers

Many people asked me to design some classical baby loafers which would fit both โ€“ boys and girls, and every time I didn’t feel comfortable doing it as there are so many versions already made by other designers. But recently one my old client asked me again and this time I felt that it is …

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I am back!!!!!!!

I know, I know… it is been sooooo long time I didn’t write anything here… I was coming here, I was happy for each new follower (by the way – welcome everyone!), for each comment… but I was just too busy to write. Big changes are happening in my life now, I would say – …

baby ballet flats booties boy children crochet girl green handmade loafers mary janes patterns shoes slippers

New pattern – T-strap Cherry Baby Booties

I just finished to write a pattern for T-strap Cherry baby booties. My little boy liked them very much, he was so interested about cherries… So, I think that for smaller babies it will be a big fun to wear such booties. Cherries are fastened very well so I don’t think there can be any …

baby ballet flats beige booties boy children crib crochet girl handmade loafers patterns shoes slippers

New pattern – Baby Ballet Flats

Simple but cute! Easy and quickly to make! Perfect to wear! They will fit to any of your baby’s outfit and will fit both – girl or boy! Pattern listed in my shop!

accessories ballet flats beige clothing crochet handmade loafers mary janes patterns shoes sleepwear slippers socks women

One Strap Slippers (adult size)

I liked so much my One Strap Baby booties that I decided to make a pair for myself! They are so breathable and absolutely perfect for summer time. Of course I also wrote the pattern and already listed it for sale in my Etsy shop! ๐Ÿ™‚

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