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Luise Cardigan, crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon

Getting ready for Spring – crochet Luise Cardigan!

I don’t know about you, but I am always excited for a new season, especially if it is Spring! And while getting ready for Spring  is mainly about cleaning, reorganizing and getting rid of stuff we don’t need, and probably never needed, it also concerns our wardrobes. I love to switch seasons in my and …

Crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon, Tiered Jacket

Crochet Tiered Jacket – super cute garment for your little one!

I hope you are doing well and all your Christmas gifts are ready (or almost ready). I try to slow down this week and while still looking for my Christmas spirit, I know it is coming! This time of the year can be very stressful and exhausting, but slowing things down just a little bit …

Christmas Lace Shawl, crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon

Christmas Lace Shawl – get it for FREE!

Christmas is now just around the corner. I know you all are probably busy with many projects to complete before Christmas. Me too! And while I love to make Christmas gifts I usually don’t make them Christmas themed. However, this shawl is an exception. First of all, I loved the illusion of many fir-trees it …

Monkey Hooded Cardigan, crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon

Monkey Hooded Cardigan – super cute new pattern and 30% discount!

Let me present you the newest pattern I came up – Monkey Hooded Cardigan! It is kind of improved version of my Bear Hooded Cardigan. The construction is similar, but it is different at the same time. Monkey Hooded Cardigan is featuring textured front and back, cute little pockets and a tail! Yes, a tail! …

Elizabeth Shawl, crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon

New patterns!

Should we speak about the newest patterns of this Autumn/Winter season? You’ve probably seen these already if you are following me on Facebook and Instagram. But I realized I never got posted them here. So here we go! We all know Autumn is a perfect time for crafts! Especially because Christmas still seems a bit far and we don’t need to worry about our to-do lists, …

Rose Blush Dress, crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon

Two new dress patterns!

Hello, lovelies! I hope you are enjoying summer so far! We really do, although we are having a busy one. In June I travelled with kids to my home town – Riga, Latvia where we spent 3 weeks with my family. We really enjoyed it and time passed so fast. For awhile I didn’t travel …

Baby Romper, crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon

Probably the cutest little baby romper you’ve ever seen!

I hope you are having wonderful summer and school-free time! My kids had the last school day yesterday and the first thing we did this morning – headed to the beach! Fortunately, we live not far from the coast. Summer definitely makes me happy and more alive, even if it means less crochet time. Yes, …

Ruffle Blanket, crochet pattern bu Mon Petit Violon
blanket crochet

New crochet Ruffle Blanket!

One if my favorite items to make are blankets! Why? Well, it is one of those items which you can crochet without much thinking when you memorize the pattern. My favorite way to crochet is while watching some nice movie or TV show, however, it becomes impossible when I have to count and make notes …

Lavender Wrap Dress, crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon

Now you can make Crochet Wrap Dress! New pattern available!

Do you love wrap dresses as much as I love them?! I am surprised it took me so long to create one. I think wrap dresses are the cutest no matter for adults or kids. And it is been a long time I was dreaming about making one. Finally, this is what I came up with. …


New pattern!

I hope you are having wonderful Easter weekend and enjoying nice spring weather! To make it even better I have some treats for you! First one is a new pattern for Bell Sleeve Cardigan! Bell sleeves are very trendy now and you can see them everywhere. I think they look super cute on kids as …

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