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Like a Pink Cloud Dress, crochet pattern by Mon Petit Violon
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Smart foundation chain and new dress pattern!

As a crocheter I always try to learn (or invent) something new, fix some old issues and find new solutions to make the garment more comfortable and easy to wear. We all now that foundations chain is not very elastic and that might be an issue when working top down. Top down is my favorite …
sale tutorial

Video tutorial and a Bundle Sale!

Hello fellow crocheters! I hope your 2018 started well and while I can’t believe January is already gone I am excited to share some news with you! First, some time ago I shared a video tutorial about my knit-look stitch. It is available on my YouTube channel (yes, I have one!) and I hope you …

Video tutorial - even front edging
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Video tutorial – neat and even crochet edge for a cardigan!

While I was working on my crochet Tiered Jacket pattern, I made a short video tutorial about the edging I made for it. It is an easy technique and you can use it for any cardigan, not only for this particular one. I hope it will be useful for you! One of my this year …

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