New pattern, book and other news (giveaway announcement)!


The cold season is approaching and it is time to think about warmers. With newest pattern for Ribbed Arm and Leg warmers you will be able to make two items with just one pattern. Pattern includes one size (fits most) for arm warmers, and two sizes – S/M and L for leg warmers. Both items are made using worsted weight yarn so they work up really quickly and will be great as gifts for upcoming holiday season!

You can buy pattern for special price on Craftsy and Ravelry (actually it is the last first day sale, I will not be doing these for awhile) and Etsy.


Other news – my book is coming out TOMORROW! :-) For now it is only UK version, but in a few months (March 2015) will come US version as well.


BUT as it is a big day for us tomorrow we will celebrate this event and I hope you will join us. Tomorrow at 16:30 (Central European time) on our Facebook page I will announce a huge giveaway – everyone will get one free pattern (of your choice), then big SALE will follow as well! The giveaway will go on just for a few hours so be sure to check it out on time!

Please note, that the patterns from the book will not be included in the giveaway and sale. They were made exclusively for the book and will not be sold in any of our online shops.

Here is a little sneak peek of what you will find in the book. There are some old bestsellers included, but mainly there are brand new patterns!


Two new patterns for baby booties–Fringe Loafers and High Boots


I am pretty sure that success of any outfit hardly depends on shoes. And it doesn’t matter for adults or little ones. Good shoes can make you always look great! I am actually shoe obsessed, probably that’s why my favorite thing to design are shoes.

Recently I released these two designs and I am absolutely sure that they will make your little one look even cuter (if that’s possible)!

High Boots will be perfect for colder months. They are like shoes together with leg warmers. And will stay on really well.

Fringe Loafers will be great for fall. They will be perfect for both – boys and girls, just switch the colors for more masculine look.

You can still get pattern for Fringe Loafers for special price on Craftsy and Ravelry!  Pattern is available on Etsy as well!

Pattern for High Boots is available on Craftsy, Ravelry and Etsy!

Thank you and happy crocheting!


Wavy Cardigan–new pattern!



Yesterday I finally released pattern for Wavy Cardigan. I had it in works for awhile and the first one completed before we went on holidays. I wish pattern writing was as fast and fun as actual crocheting. Trust me it is not. At the end it took me longer to complete it than expected. But finally it is here! I hope you will enjoy it!

Pattern includes 4 sizes: 0-6 months, 2/3, 4/5, 7/8 years.

You can still get the pattern for Special Price on Craftsy and Ravelry.

Pattern is available on Craftsy, Etsy, Ravelry.

Happy crocheting!


New pattern for Pastel Hoodie with scarf


We are officially in Autumn mood.  I am excited and sad at the same time. For sure there will be a lot more crocheting, new patterns, new projects, but unfortunately there will be far less sun, no beach, no summer dresses and sandals…

So, as the cold season is now just around the corner it is time to get ready for it. This hooded scarf will be great for kids and adults for transitioning season. With DK weight yarn it is still pretty light, but at the same time can be quite warm if you use wool or acrylic blend yarn. Pattern includes sizes baby to adult. It is easy and fun to make it and the texture is really nice. As the scarf is pretty thin you can tie it in a beautiful bow.

Only today pattern is available for reduced price (3$ instead of 4.99$) on Craftsy and Ravelry. It is available on Etsy as well.

Happy crocheting!


Honeycomb Boots


Yesterday I released new pattern for – Honeycomb Boots! It is an easy pattern and you can come up with endless color combinations using leftovers from your other projects. They have extremely nice texture and will look so cute on those tiny baby toes.

You can still get the pattern for special price (only 3$ instead of 4.99$) on Craftsy and Ravelry!

Happy crocheting!



Summer, you were beautiful…

I always say – summer is the season when I feel truly happy! And it is true! Despite so many terrible things happening in the world right now (which just break my heart) I try to concentrate on the good things we have in our lives. And there are so many amazing, beautiful things to enjoy and cherish.
August is the month when almost everyone in Italy is going on holidays. Some towns look totally desert, most of the shops get closed and only thing you see around is “chiuso per ferie”. And we go on holidays as well. When you live in Italy it is pretty easy to find a location for perfect holidays without going too far. Our usual destination for holidays is Tuscany. This time we explored a bit of Liguria as well and it was so good.
The photo above is from Lerici. We never visited it before and were kind of surprised how good it was! Here you can have everything you wish – beautiful beaches, delicious food (especially if you are fish lover), many things to explore (by boat you can go to Cinque Terre, Portovenere and even to Portofino),  good hotels (we stayed in Hotel Doria and absolutely loved it). And while town is pretty small every evening there were different activities – concerts, activities for children, markets… And above all it is not an expensive place at all. We were surprised how well and pretty cheap we could eat in restaurants. There were also free beaches, which is good especially if you are not planning to stay there whole day but just come for couple of hours as we did. Well, it is absolutely worth visiting!
View from our hotel room! I could just stay there for hours and watch how sky is changing, how boats are leaving the port… it was magical… There are even better rooms with terrace but of course more expensive (Hotel Doria).  And breakfast with such view was wonderful as well.
From Lerici we went only to Portovenere. This was probably the most impressive place I ever visited. I loved it even more than Cinque Terre.
After Lerici we moved to Pienza. We came here before but we love this place so much that want to come back again and again. We always stay in Sant’Anna in Camprena (actually here were filmed second part of the movie “The English Patient”).
What I loved most about our stay in Pienza that we could do some serious walking here. We made two big trips – one from San Quirico d’Orcia to Bagno Vignoni, and second one from Montalcino to Sant’Antimo. Both by foot. First one was pretty simple as we were just following the road (it was about 6km). But second one was a real adventure as the path was pretty rocky and very isolated (we made around 9km). It was a real countryside which we miss so much in our everyday life. While our little girl was not very impressed by our adventures, our boy really loved it! I am sure we will do more of it in the future!
Sant’Antimo Abbey. This place is AMAZING! It is third time I come here and it always impresses me. Nowhere I feel such peace of mind like I feel here. Look at this light! The photo is from my IPhone. I couldn’t catch it in the same way on my camera. But isn’t it magical?  It is around midday when you can see it! We came second time after the lunch and it was already different, but still so so special. If you are lucky and arrive when there is a prayer time you will appreciate this place even more. Prayers are sung in Gregorian chant! I heard it just once but it was probably the most beautiful music I ever heard.
Sant’Anna in Camprena has beautiful garden where kids could play while we were having rest. In the evening they were serving dinner in the garden and while food is really tasty it was very romantic as well. It was also very relaxing as kids could run and play while we could still enjoy our dinner.
There were other places which we visited – Lucca, Viareggio, Prato, Pistoia, Siena and Florence (where I had probably the most embarrassing moment of my life – it was hot, it was last day of traveling, I was tired and at one point I felt like I was about to lose consciousness. I don’t know if I had low sugar, low pressure or what, but it scared me to death and I had kind of panic attack which just worsened the situation! I am sure people around were impressed with the way I got through it, as someone offered me water, one very kind lady brought me some prunes (thank you everyone!). It all ended well and after few minutes – one biscuit, some water, and most important after calming down – I felt much better.)
I hope you had great summer too! And while I can’t believe that it is almost over I am kind of excited for fall, which usually is my favorite season for crocheting!
Have a great weekend!

Lux Buttoned Socks…



Lately it is rainy, windy and not very summery here… This Summer is weird I tell you. Usually at this time of the year we are dying from heat. But this time it feels like autumn is just around the corner. On one of these rainy days I had very strong will to create something warm and cozy. I had these socks in my mind for a while. After the huge success of my Luxury Leg Warmers many of you asked me to design similar socks. This is one version which I absolutely love. I used this yarn (though they had more colors, and the beige one I used is not available anymore) and they turned out so comfy and so warm that I didn’t want to take them off even if it was obviously too hot to wear them.

My little girl already asked me that she wants a pair too, so I am pretty sure I will design baby-child version as well.

The pattern is available on Etsy, Craftsy, Ravlery!

Happy crocheting!


Big Summer Sale


I hope you are having wonderful Friday and getting ready for the weekend!

This is just a quick note to let you know that we are having a big summer sale!

Use coupon code SUM14 and get 50% discount!

Code is valid on Etsy: and in Ravelry store:
*offer ends at midnight July 28 (Central European time)
** there is a special box at the check out where to enter the code. On Etsy – on the right side where are credit card logos you will find “apply shop coupon code” button, click on it and enter the code.
The code is not valid if you write it as a note. If it doesn’t work first time – please, try again till it works and make sure the code is accepted.

I also wanted to let you know that from 2nd through 15th of August all discount listings on Etsy will be inactive as I will not be able to send out the patterns. Though all shops will remain opened and you will be able to purchase instant downloads as always. That’s why it is also a great occasion to use the sale and get all the patterns you dreamed about!  Smile

Happy shopping and happy crocheting!

New pattern – Baby Shorts with Suspenders

New pattern is up in stores! I had an idea to make baby shorts with suspenders for awhile. And I absolutely love how they turned out. I even wish I had a baby who could wear them  (no, it is not an announcement, though I do admire parents who have more than two kids! You are my heroes!). But back to the pattern – it includes three sizes – 0-1, 3-6 and 9-12 months. You can make them a bit bigger if you use worsted weight yarn instead of DK weight. If you don’t want to use buttons, you can skip instructions for button loops and make the straps without them. Then you simply have to sew the straps on the front.
As always pattern is available on Etsy, Craftsy, Ravelry. You can still get it for special price on Craftsy and Ravelry!
Happy crocheting!

Our June trip…

I must admit that this June was pretty amazing for us! Especially because finally we could travel again! We took a break and went again to our favorite Tuscany and this time also to Umbria.
Our first stop was Arezzo. I don’t know why but there were many flying people around. When we saw the first one and it was a lady, my kids began to yell: “Mary Poppins is coming!” Yes, they love Mary Poppins and know all her songs by heart!
From Arezzo we moved to Orvieto. I visited Orvieto only once when my son was only two months old. We had to make his passport and had to go to Rome. Instead of staying in Rome we decided to sleep in Orvieto. It was fun to come back. When we just arrived there was kind of Medieval celebration. On the main square there was even a human chess! It was so fun, unfortunately it was almost finished when we arrived but we got to see a bit of it.
From Orvieto we moved to Spoleto and this was my absolutely favorite part! Oh my, how beautiful is this place!
The town is on the mountain and is surrounded by mountains. All around the town there is a road and you can make complete tour – and it is amazing! You can even walk on that beautiful bridge. I wasn’t brave enough and admired it from far.
Spoleto stole my heart! If you ever visit Italy you must see it!
While staying in Spoleto we visited also Spello and Perugia.
In Spello everyone was taking photos of this beautiful street. I had to take a picture too!
Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos in Perugia. When we arrived we went directly to museum and when we got out the storm began and we had to hide ourselves. So we decided to go back to Spoleto as soon as possible. The only thing I pictured was mini metro. It is such a great invention. Perugia is also on the top of the mountain and before we always had to take taxi to go up. It was almost impossible to go by foot. Now within a few minutes you can arrive to the centre with the little cutie.
From Spoleto we moved to Cortona. Another amazing town! We stayed only one day here but it was so good! At this point kids were obviously tiered of photography and tried to escape in all possible ways.
On the way back we made a short stop in Florence as well. It just can’t be another way! :-)
I hope you enjoyed it! I wish I could write more about each place and maybe one day I will. Feel so lucky to live here and be so close to all these amazing places!
Have a great week!