Big Easter Sale!



Yes, my friends, it is time for big Easter Sale! I know I didn’t make any sale for a quite long period, but it is time now!

Use coupon code EASTERSALE and get 50% discount!
Code is valid in my Etsy shop: and Ravelry store:

It is not valid on Craftsy!

*offer ends at midnight on 20th of April (Central Europe time zone)
** there is a special box at the check out where to enter the code. On Etsy – on the right side where are credit card logos you will find “apply shop coupon code” button, click on it and enter the code.
The code is not valid if you write it as a note. If it doesn’t work first time – please, try again till it works.

Happy shopping and happy crocheting!

Competition–win 6 month’s free subscription to Mon Petit Violon patterns!



Let’s do something fun!

Lately I am receiving many your photos with items made from Mon Petit Violon patterns. They are all so adorable and I love to see them so much, that I thought it would be fun to make a competition and the winner would get 6 month’s subscription to Mon Petit Violon patterns. It means that for 6 months the winner will automatically receive all newest patterns released by Mon Petit Violon! What do you think? Wouldn’t it be great?! If you are in here is what you should do:

1. Pick your favorite Mon Petit Violon pattern and make the item! Maybe you already have it done, then it is great! Maybe you already have your favorite Mon Petit Violon pattern, then you don’t need to purchase anything extra!

2. Take a good photo of your creation! This is essential! After receiving all applications,  I will choose 5 – 10 items I like the best. Then we will make open vote on Mon Petit Violon facebook page, and the owner of the item which will get most votes will be the winner. As Mon Petit Violon fans will see only the photo, and not the actual item, it is very important that the photo is really good and represents your item in the best way.

3. Share your photo on the social media! Yes, this is a small thing I ask for accepting your application. If you have a blog – a blog post with the photo and the link to any Mon Petit Violon shop or to this blog would be just perfect. In the post you also have to mention that it is made specially for this competition. You can share it on Instagram or Facebook as well, if you don’t have a blog (just don’t forget to add the link and mention the competition). And even if your page is private, it is enough if you send me the screenshot, I will accept it in this way too.

4. When all this is done, send your application to . As a subject write – COMPETITION, write your name, your email, the link to the post with your item (or attached screenshot) and that’s all!

Applications will be accepted until 1st of June! So you have plenty of time! No later than in mid June I will open the voting on facebook for 3 days and then we will know the winner! And the winner will receive all newest patterns from Mon Petit Violon starting from 1st of July and ending with 31st December!

Please note, that the winner will receive only newest patterns which are released in Mon Petit Violon online shops on Etsy, Craftsy and Ravelry. It will not give you rights to claim any other publication by Mon Petit Violon released elsewhere. I also can’t guaranty how many patterns will be released in this period (though usually at least 2-3 new patterns are released each month). By submiting your application you agree with mentioned terms.

Thank you so much and can’t wait to see your creations!

P.S. I realized just now that I didn’t mention one important thing – only one entry per person is allowed. If you have made several items using Mon Petit Violon patterns, you should choose only one, your favorite and share that one.

March trips…

As you probably remember one my resolution for 2014 was to make a trip (no matter far or close) each month. In January we didn’t go anywhere. In February we went to Florence. And in March we had one day trip to Portogruaro. It is a small town half way Venice – Trieste.
Actually, Portogruaro was the first town I ever visited when 9 years ago I came to Italy for the first time! I arrived to Venice airport from Riga. I met my future husband and together we took a train to Trieste. But something happened and we had to stop in Portogruaro and wait for the next train. And so, as we had time we decided to have a walk instead of staying in the station. I was absolutely smitten by all the beauty I was about to discover. I traveled before (France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and some other countries) but Italy totally stole my heart.
Portogruaro is a small town but very charming. It was a wonderful warm and sunny day. Unfortunately when it is too sunny it is hard to make photos and many of them just did turn out well, but it was a beautiful day and hope you can see it through these photos.
So happy that there are still places with clean water and such quantity of fishes! Children were so impressed!
And as the weather in March was absolutely marvelous, one day we went to visit Castello di Miramare here in Trieste. It such a beautiful place and if you ever come to Trieste you must visit it! Children loved it too! You can visit the castle as well, but we didn’t do it as our little girl was in particularly exciting mood and we were just afraid that she could brake something or make some disaster there. So, instead we just let her run. We saw really big jellyfishes, enjoyed amazing views, and I couldn’t be any happier the the Spring is finally here!
Have a wonderful week!
P.S. Some exciting news are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Scalloped Neckline Lace Dress



Last week I released new pattern for Scalloped Neckline Lace Dress. I absolutely love how it turned out. The pattern is written for three sizes, but I explain how to adjust the gauge to make it in other sizes as well (see more here).

Some of you asked me about the yarn – I used viscose / acrylic blend yarn from . I bought it really long time ago (about 5 years) and unfortunately it is not available anymore. This is a bad thing about yarn-paradise that very often they have very nice yarn but for very short period, and when it sold out it is sold out forever and they never make it again. Sad. But I made it this dress with other yarns as well (while testing the pattern) and the result was always – beautiful!

So, the pattern is available on Etsy, Craftsy and Ravelry!

Happy crocheting!


Crew Boots

Some time ago I saw on someone’s instagram feed cutest winter boots ever! Since then I wanted to make a crochet version of them and finally here they are! This is probably my last boot pattern for this season and I am so ready to switch to Spring and Summer items. But I am absolutely sure these will be great boots for chilly Spring days as well and there are so many options to play with the colors and create your own unique design.
Today you can still get the pattern for a special price (only 3$) on Craftsy!
The pattern is also available on Etsy and Ravelry!
Happy crocheting and have a wonderful weekend!

Poncho with oversized collar



New pattern released for Poncho with oversized collar!

I made this poncho for my little girl as Spring is almost here and this will be a great addition to her Spring wardrobe. I hope to make more photos of her wearing it very soon.

Actually I made two ponchos -  one as pictured, and another one in purple.  Every time my little girl puts on the second one she says she is Anna from Frozen! Yes, it looks a bit as her capelet and the color is really similar as well. So, as so many little girls are obsessed with Frozen this will be great way to make something special for them. By the way – for purple poncho I used Debbie Bliss Fez yarn (Magenta).

You can still get the pattern on Craftsy for special price (only 3$)!

Pattern is available on Etsy and Ravlery as well!

Happy crocheting!

New pattern–Chain Mary Janes

Happy Friday friends! Just a quick hello and wanted to let you know that yesterday I released new pattern for Chain Mary Janes and the pattern is still available for special price (only 3,00$) on Craftsy! Hurry up!
Pattern is available on Etsy and Ravelry as well!
Happy crocheting and have a wonderful weekend!

Trip to Florence…

Last week we decided to take a small break and go somewhere… Actually it is one of my this year resolutions – each month go somewhere, doesn’t matter far or close! We failed to do it in January as my family came to visit us, and the weather was really bad most of the time, but it doesn’t count. I really want to make it work. So, after choosing a few options we decided to go to Florence. I just love so much this place! We go there almost every year and it always feels so good.
Kids were happy too! We went to museum of Archeology and since then my little boy can’t stop talking about Egyptians. He was really impressed!
I am totally obsessed with Duomo di Firenze, it is so beautiful inside and outside! We didn’t take stroller for our little girl, as we are not using it anymore at home. But I wish we did, as she was getting really tired. One day we went inside the Duomo and she got asleep on my lap. So we stayed there for something like one hour and it was magical – not to hurry but enjoy the whole atmosphere, watch people…
I have a small tradition – whenever I got to Florence I go to Zara. Don’t judge me! I started it long time ago and now I just can’t skip it. Even my husband when planning the trip says: “…and then you can go to Zara…” And now I also have a shopping buddy – this little cutie!
Giardino di Boboli is another place we enjoy so much in Florence! I love that here kids can run and explore the nature, enjoying these stunning views…
We have our favorite restaurant in Florence – Trattoria Del Carmine. It is not a touristic place, prices are very good and the food is soooo delicious. They are also so kind with our kids that we just love them!
But for quick lunches we were going to EATALY to buy some food or eat pizza! It was perfect! I really liked their shop, bought new cooking books and now can’t wait when they open the shop in our town (they should in 2015!)
If you ever visit Florence, promise me – you will go to this bar and will order a cup of cappuccino! It was the best cappuccino I ever had! And in Italy you have many chances to have  a good one, but this one was the BEST (second best I had in Verona)! I would give anything to have a cup right now…
Well, that’s all… I hope you enjoyed it! And we will see where we go next time… can’t wait…

New pattern – Cloche with Buttons


Just a quick note to let you know that the new pattern is released and today you can get the pattern on Craftsy for only 3,00$

More photos and behind the scenes coming tomorrow. We had small trip to Florence, so I am going to share some photos. Stay tuned! :-)
Pattern is also available on Etsy and Ravelry !
Happy crocheting!


Petit Bow Booties


Here is another new design for baby booties – Petit Bow Booties. They are really easy and quick to make. I am sure after the first pair you will get addicted and will want to make them in many different colors. They look very good with thicker yarn as well, so if you want to increase the size – use worsted weight yarn instead of DK weight.

The pattern is available here:

(on Craftsy there is still special price for this pattern!)

Happy crocheting!