Big Summer Sale


I hope you are having wonderful Friday and getting ready for the weekend!

This is just a quick note to let you know that we are having a big summer sale!

Use coupon code SUM14 and get 50% discount!

Code is valid on Etsy: and in Ravelry store:
*offer ends at midnight July 28 (Central European time)
** there is a special box at the check out where to enter the code. On Etsy – on the right side where are credit card logos you will find “apply shop coupon code” button, click on it and enter the code.
The code is not valid if you write it as a note. If it doesn’t work first time – please, try again till it works and make sure the code is accepted.

I also wanted to let you know that from 2nd through 15th of August all discount listings on Etsy will be inactive as I will not be able to send out the patterns. Though all shops will remain opened and you will be able to purchase instant downloads as always. That’s why it is also a great occasion to use the sale and get all the patterns you dreamed about!  Smile

Happy shopping and happy crocheting!

New pattern – Baby Shorts with Suspenders

New pattern is up in stores! I had an idea to make baby shorts with suspenders for awhile. And I absolutely love how they turned out. I even wish I had a baby who could wear them  (no, it is not an announcement, though I do admire parents who have more than two kids! You are my heroes!). But back to the pattern – it includes three sizes – 0-1, 3-6 and 9-12 months. You can make them a bit bigger if you use worsted weight yarn instead of DK weight. If you don’t want to use buttons, you can skip instructions for button loops and make the straps without them. Then you simply have to sew the straps on the front.
As always pattern is available on Etsy, Craftsy, Ravelry. You can still get it for special price on Craftsy and Ravelry!
Happy crocheting!

Our June trip…

I must admit that this June was pretty amazing for us! Especially because finally we could travel again! We took a break and went again to our favorite Tuscany and this time also to Umbria.
Our first stop was Arezzo. I don’t know why but there were many flying people around. When we saw the first one and it was a lady, my kids began to yell: “Mary Poppins is coming!” Yes, they love Mary Poppins and know all her songs by heart!
From Arezzo we moved to Orvieto. I visited Orvieto only once when my son was only two months old. We had to make his passport and had to go to Rome. Instead of staying in Rome we decided to sleep in Orvieto. It was fun to come back. When we just arrived there was kind of Medieval celebration. On the main square there was even a human chess! It was so fun, unfortunately it was almost finished when we arrived but we got to see a bit of it.
From Orvieto we moved to Spoleto and this was my absolutely favorite part! Oh my, how beautiful is this place!
The town is on the mountain and is surrounded by mountains. All around the town there is a road and you can make complete tour – and it is amazing! You can even walk on that beautiful bridge. I wasn’t brave enough and admired it from far.
Spoleto stole my heart! If you ever visit Italy you must see it!
While staying in Spoleto we visited also Spello and Perugia.
In Spello everyone was taking photos of this beautiful street. I had to take a picture too!
Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos in Perugia. When we arrived we went directly to museum and when we got out the storm began and we had to hide ourselves. So we decided to go back to Spoleto as soon as possible. The only thing I pictured was mini metro. It is such a great invention. Perugia is also on the top of the mountain and before we always had to take taxi to go up. It was almost impossible to go by foot. Now within a few minutes you can arrive to the centre with the little cutie.
From Spoleto we moved to Cortona. Another amazing town! We stayed only one day here but it was so good! At this point kids were obviously tiered of photography and tried to escape in all possible ways.
On the way back we made a short stop in Florence as well. It just can’t be another way! :-)
I hope you enjoyed it! I wish I could write more about each place and maybe one day I will. Feel so lucky to live here and be so close to all these amazing places!
Have a great week!

And the winner is…

Kamila Janas

Kamila Janas with her Polka Dot Cardigan entry got 164 votes and won this competition! Congratulations!!! :-)

Kamila, I have your email and be sure to check it for the newest patterns when they are released (for security add Mon Petit Violon email to your contacts, so that my emails don’t finish in spam).

Thank you everyone for participating! And just to make other 9 challengers feel a bit better for not winning this round – next pattern I am going to release you will receive for free!

Happy crocheting!

Competition – it is time to vote!

So, here we are! It is time to vote, my friends!
First of all let me say big BIG thank you for everyone who participated! It was so nice to see your work! There were so many wonderful items made, so many nice words said! Thank you so much!
I wish I could choose everyone, but I think then it would be too overwhelming to vote and unfortunately I can’t offer free subscription to everyone. But I promise that we will make another contest! So, please, don’t get discouraged if you were not chosen. Probably next time we will make it a little bit different, as I would like that all entries are seen to everybody. Well, we will see. As it is the first time I am making something this I still have to figure out few things.
But now – let’s vote! I used the names of the patterns which were used for these items.
Here are the ten items I selected. Vote for your favorite one (you can vote only once! On Monday the poll will be closed and I will announce the winner! Good luck to everyone!
1. Scalloped Neckline Lace DressCyndyRegeling

2. Candy Pink Baby Cardigan
3. Poncho with oversized collar
4.Sarafan Dress
Hester Robson
5.Petal Collar Cardigan
Hiba Yuki
6. Summer Sun Hat
7. Baby Loafers
Kamila Janas
8. Polka Dot Baby Cardigan
Marilyn Lavigne
9. Ethnic Style Baby Boots
Shirley San Martin
10. Halter Top

Please note – you can vote only once!

Crochet Tiered Dress!


Yesterday I released new pattern  for Crochet Tiered Dress! It is a perfect little dress for summer days. It can be worn as it is, or over a t-shirt or slip dress.


Pattern includes three sizes: 9-12 months / 2-3 years / 5-6 years

For bigger sizes you can play with the gauge and use thicker yarn. For some sizes (check the measurements of the chest) you will simply have to make it longer.

There are some requests for newborn and 3-6 month sizes. I probably will add those sizes later.  If you purchase on Ravelry and Craftsy you will automatically receive updated version.  Otherwise I will inform about it here or on Facebook and you will be able to request updated pattern that way. But I will not have time to work on it until mid of July.

So, today you can still get the pattern on Craftsy and Ravelry for special price – only 3$ (regular price is 4.99$).

Pattern is available on Etsy as well.

Happy crocheting!

My book – Super Cute Crochet for Little Feet!


Dear friends!

I am so so happy to share with you some very exciting news! My first BOOK is coming out this Autumn!  Yes, a REAL BOOK! With 30 patterns for baby booties! Most of the patterns are completely new and never seen before, but we also added some bestsellers which I am sure you will be happy to have in a beautiful book even if you already own them.

It still seems a bit unreal! It was such an adventure! And big work! But it was all worth it, because having your work published in a real book… it is almost like having a new baby! Smile

I am also very happy that the book will come in different languages – there will be UK, German, Danish and Dutch editions. Then a bit later will come US edition as well. I hope that with time it could be translated in other languages too.

For now I am so so excited about it and can’t wait to finally receive it printed! I promise I will share with you when it happens. Smile

In the meantime, if you are excited as me you can pre-order it on Amazon and be the first to receive it when it is published!

Thank you so much for all your support I received in these years. Nothing would happen without it.

Best wishes!

Boutique Flower Headband…

Yesterday I released new pattern for Boutique Flower Headband. I used classic colors like grey, white and green and it turned out just perfect for beautiful summer days. I think a cute headband is must have for every girl, especially in summer. This one will be perfect for parties, weddings and just for everyday to feel special and dressed up. It is also a perfect photo prop for vacation photos or family portraits. Well, the possibilities are endless. You can play with the colors and make it fit particular outfit as well. You can also make more flowers and sew them on the headband all around to create a flower crown.
You can still get the pattern for a special price (only 2$) on Craftsy and Ravelry!
Pattern is also available on Etsy.
Happy crocheting!

DW designs and voting!

This is a quick update on Design Wars 7!

Now you can see all the designs which we kept in secret for awhile and you can vote for your favorite one here! 10372538_665744626842015_6596832733610799643_nWhich design is your favorite?

Here is what I came up!


I really loved this yarn (Red Heart Unforgettable) and loved this color (it is Winery). They are so soft and the texture is great. As many of you know, I normally don’t like 100% acrylic yarn, especially for booties. But this yarn doesn’t feel like acrylic at all. I was really pleased with it.

As you can see, you can vote through June 3! You can actually vote once every 12 hours. When the voting will be closed, all the patterns will be listed for sale.

Thank you for your time and have a great week!

Mon Petit Violon for Design Wars


As you probably already know this month I am participating in Design Wars! The big day when all designs will be revealed is TOMORROW!

It was fun to work with DW team and to get to know other designers a little bit better. There are many, many beautiful designs in this round and I am sure you will enjoy them.

For now we can share only sneak peeks, but stay tuned and tomorrow check out all the beautiful designs! Follow and prepare for voting!


On facebook I asked to guess which design is mine and well it is actually this one!


Can you guess what it is?

For DW we also had to make a video about ourselves. It was hard. It was a challenge. But it was fun as well.

You can see it here!

And we had to make some photos of our working place. I think it is actually the first time ever I took a photo of my work space.


I do not have an office, and do not have a craft room. I wish so much I had one, and maybe one day I will… for the moment I made a small space – one angle of one room as my working space. I made it as comfortable and inspiring as I could and I do love it, and I absolutely like to work here.

So, that’s all for the moment and stay tuned! Tomorrow you will finally see all designs and I will ask you to vote for your favorite design!